Penguins Don't Walk (They March)

You are part of a colony of lost penguins that are wandering around an icy landscape. You are caught in the middle of a blizzard and you cannot see much far in front of them.

You must now follow the instructions of the penguins just ahead of you so you do not get lost!

Penguins Don't Walk is a rhythm game designed to be simple to play and hard to beat!  

Press the LEFT, RIGHT or UP arrow keys in the correct timing and order to win!


Left = Left Arrow or A 
Right = Right Arrow or D 
Up = Up Arrow or W


Daniel Oliveira - Technical Art & Animation
Ian Albuquerque - Game Design & Programming
Matheus L. Homsi - Game Design, Sound Design & Animation
Michelle Santiago - Programming 
Rizz Campanati - Illustration

Special Thanks to the HackingRio mentors and to RPG - Rio Puc Games