The Tragic Story of Don Coelhoni

In this top-down-shooter in which you don't shoot, you are Don Coelhoni, a high level mafia agent: Ruthless killer with sociopathic tendencies and... A cute, fluffy little bunny. Being the top-notch agent, your boss trusted you with a most dangerous mission: Infiltrating the enemy mafia's home base and destroying them from within. 

When you arrive at the heart of your  enemies' lair, you find yourself in a sticky situation: Your gun's been sabotaged! Now you'll have to make your enemies as your own weapons. Dodge away from their bullets, making it hit one of their allies that was right behind you and turn their own projectiles against themselves by parrying it right back at them!

How to play

  • W, A, S, D: Directional movement (w moves up, a moves left etc)

  • Space bar: Dodge roll

  • Left mouse button: Parry (your must be facing the incoming bullet to hit)

  • Mouse movement: Rotates the player character to aim the parry

Mark Brown's 2018 GMTK Jam

Created for Mark Brown's 2018 Game Maker's Toolkit game jam.
The theme was "Genre without mechanic", where we had to make a game from a genre we wanted... BUT! we had to do it without one of it's main mechanics. 


  • Bernardo Hörner - Programming / Game Design

  • Gabriel Barros - SFX / BGM

  • Ian Albuquerque - Game Design / Programming

  • Laura Storti - Illustration / Game Design

  • Luana Matos - Illustration / Game Design

  • Matheus L. Homsi - Animation

  • Pedro Miranda - Game Design / Narrative

Special Thanks To "RPG - Rio PUC Games"

We are an academic group made of students for learning how to make games, located at PUC-Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!