What is Rio PUC Games?

Rio PUC Games is an academic team from PUC-Rio (my university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) that makes digital and board games (and events related to game development). Every semester teams are formed with its participants in order to develop games based on a common theme and constraints.

You can find more about them here:

What was my contribution to RIO PUC GAMES?

I was a member of Rio PUC Games from April 2018 to March 2019. I started with the role programmer and soon was designed as the lead programmer of one of the projects. My main goal in the team was to learn more about Game Design and about game development team management.

I was also responsible with Daniel Oliveira for submitting the talk “10 Lessons Learned About Establishing an Academic Group as Students” to GDC 2019 (which was accepted).

During my stay with the team, I have also contributed with workshops about game design and computer graphics.